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The FIRST Step

This is a long one, so bear with me. Already chucked the beginning thrice.


It was in fate that I saw her and  the morning was full, 

I Remember You As You Were, as your silky hair had a vigorous pull.*

As she sipped her tea and smoke of her cigaret ran Almost Out Of The Sky,

her castle was well walled, which no intruder could occupy.

From her inked moon, The Light Wraps You cold,

but etched sun warms me In My Sky, At Twilight of colour gold.

Drunk with pines, shameless I stood, to unravel the box of Schrödinger’s cat,

maybe, I should’ve kept away, just not to find out the result I was at.

Bewildered, unknown to her own beauty, she loved her love for black & white,

Ah, Vastness of Pines couldn’t stand her immense churned soul, it shone so bright.

To capture her in the moment, telling her, I Like For…

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An Ode to Oblivion

You might as well hide, for I see you not
You might as well hush, for I hear you not
You might as well leave, for I feel you not
For I am alone
In a world of my own
With calming seas,
And magnificent mountains at ease
But not another soul around
A world in which I reside,
For my love for solitude
Because in the world in which we abide,
Is but the same.

Tofu Rice Bowl

It’s my first evening out in Mumbai after moving back and I’m sitting at this nice little Asian restaurant in Hiranandani, having just finished a tofu rice bowl with a friend. She’s gone away temporarily to attend a work meeting, and I am supposed to wait here for her so thought I’d write something. A diary, a journal, something of that sort, jotting down my adventures in this so very familiar city as I explore it once again, from scratch, with a completely fresh mind.

But I’ve lived here before, what new will I discover this time?

A major difference between my time spent in Mumbai earlier and now is that back then I was either in school, or (for a brief 6 month duration) working (and partly, struggling for) a career in IT. Right now, on the other hand I’m working part time in IT, and have planned to make a career in Music during the other part of my free time. It’s not just a (partial) change in profession, it’s also a huge change in my lifestyle. I am finally doing what I want to do along with what I need to do, not just the latter. And that change has made me so much more positive, enthusiastic and open minded in life. Of course, it also helps that working in music (at least during the initial months when I’m just going to be creating new music and finding inspiration for the same) isn’t as draining as a job which involves working on complicated binary text monsters all day long. That is, until, I get depressed. Why, you ask? Musicians are depressed creatures. Period. But I feel I have already been through my first phase of utter sadness and dispair back when I was working full time in IT, haha!

So how has the first day been?

Initially, it was ok. I was getting slightly bored, had to do some chores during the day. But now that I’m out of my house sitting in some restaurant just chilling and writing all of this, I love it. I think the main thing is that I have to get out of my house more often, have to stop being lazy. I want to explore this city, meet new people, admire the smaller things in life: the good food, the pretty cafes, the beautiful trees, lakes, the ocean, the people, and anything and everything this city has to offer; not just my (however cosy) room back home. So as long as I get off my arse and go out, I think I’ll love it. And you never know, I might end up writing some sweet stuff in the process!

Water and Stone

Swish, whoosh, brum, hum
Go the waves of the ocean
Rambling and rombling all over the stone,
And it seems they’re having some fun!

They slap the rocks on the face,
Toss some fish onto the shore
And even though the rocks and fish look rather irked,
The sea always wants to play more!

At times the rocks get angry much,
Throw the waves far into the air
With a mighty rumble they say,
“Do not cross your line, beware!”

And the ocean reacts in a humble way,
Softening and slowing its stride
Because friends these two have been for many a year!
And neither would hurt the other’s pride!

Such is the tale of water and stone
Who live beyond the lives of you and I
Their daily jests put up a show so grand
For even the fish they toss in the sky!

The Moon

The soft light of the moon calms my mind tonight,

Relaxing my desires and insecurities

Even in this daunting world.

Even with all the lifeless mountains around me,

Even with all the colourless lights shining from down below.

Even with every inch of this desolate world trying to pull me down,

The moon still shines as silver as it was back when the mountains were alive!

And even the dead around me glow with the same amount of glee

That a happy heart would.

And even my blackened and bruised self glows in this silver light,

And I feel reassured that no matter what happens

I’ll still be able to glow at times.

No matter how dark the night seems,

The moon will still shine light on me

Along with every other tired soul out there.

And bring out a faint smile on all our faces,

Making sure we never forget the joy that comes along.

The Hill

O soft, sweet silence!
I hear your faint becalming tune today.
As the wind which the mountains blow
Glides quietly along my hair,
I hear you more clearly than ever,
Without any soul around disturbing your song.
Your beautiful, enchanting hum
Humbles me like nothing ever has
And fills me with awe,
Along with a tender yet irresistible desire
To stay,
On the hill I sit on right now, forever.
And my heart, oh my!
My heart gives a steady, gentle beat,
Which, in harmony with your voice
Makes me wonder,
If it belongs to me or to you,
If it was yours to be, all along,
To be the rhythm to your song.

One Last Hug

One last hug, he insisted
They had but a day to meet before he’d be off.
The city was big, and she was far.
‘Hope she can come’, he thought.
She did, long after the sun slept,
Weary and lifeless she was, but she came.
They spoke about the beauty of their homeland.
As their arms wrapped around each other,
A burst of glee filled their hearts.
Soon to be infected by a drop of sorrow.
And finally, he let go.
But content with their little rendezvous for now.
Eager to resume his paused life in another realm,
Waiting for the time when he’d see her again.